Bird of Prey Photography

Capture the perfect pictures or practice your wildlife photography up close with our specially trained birds of prey! 

Bird of Prey Photography

2 Hour Duration  •   Participant $70.00

With both a natural setting and studio setting session, we have the perfect photography experience to help you get the photos you want! Whether you are a hobby or a commercial photographer, the Bird of Prey Photography session is for you! 

What to Expect

Take your time setting up your ideal photos with three to four of our wonderful birds of prey as they are flown for you in this two hour long experience. Our falconer will give simple advice on how the birds fly to help you catch the shots you want! Our photographer will join us at the session to aid you with camera settings and advice for our free flying birds. 

Our birds are well trained and will allow you to get up close for those detailed close-ups. We can even call them directly over your head for that unique action shot!

Birds who are not free flying will be set on perches with long leashes! The leashes will be hidden as much as possible from your photos. 

Our Photography Sessions:

We now offer two different photography sessions to better suit your needs! We offer both a studio session and a natural session. 

Studio Sessions: These sessions are set within our flying yard with various props and background settings to give you variety in a controlled setting. This session is perfect for those with walking difficulties or those who wish to be able to see the birds clearly in the open. 

Natural Sessions: These sessions are set on various trails and fields around the property where our birds are set on natural logs and in trees. This session is perfect for those who want photos of the birds in a natural habitat. 

These sessions are open to any photography lover of any age or experience level! 

Commercial Use
Commercial use is defined as any sale of photographs, advertising, products or merchandise utilizing photographs of our birds.

Our birds can be brought to your photography studio, or you can join us at the farm, for modelling work in professional photoshoots for advertising, photographs, portfolios, merchandise and more. Please contact us in order to arrange a visit to your studio!

Good things to know about our Bird of Prey Photography Session

  • Bird of Prey Photography sessions run on specific days with up to 6 slots available per session. 

  • If you wish to book a private photography session or a session for a photography group/club, please contact us to make arrangements as we would be happy to help!

  • Payment is due in advance for the Bird of Prey Photography session to reserve your spot on your date.

  • Maximum group size of 8 individuals. 

  • Birds of prey are not handled through this session. If you wish to bring a model to pose with the birds, please contact us in advance and review our commercial use information above.

  • Questions about our birds are welcome through the entire session.

  • Due to their outdoor nature, our experiences are weather dependent. We will contact you the evening prior to your experience day to notify you of the possibility of rescheduling to your back-up date. 

  • Wear clothing suitable to the weather on the day of your experience as we are outdoors.

  • Bring along a blanket or pillow to sit on for those low angle photos.

  • Bug spray and sunscreen are highly recommended through the summer months.

  • Please note, we have a booking and cancellation policy.

Thank you to Maddy Welsh for letting us use some of the photos seen above!

Please look forward to our available photography dates in 2023!
Thank you!