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The Talon and Bark Falconry Team

Meet our small, family run business team!


Emily Wrenshall

Owner & Head Falconer

Fulfilling her lifelong dream to work with birds of prey, Emily began her Falconry training in 2016, and never looked back. During her apprenticeship she trained her first bird, and has continued to learn with and from him, and all her birds, to this day! 

She is so excited to be able to share these amazing wildlife ambassadors with you! 



Harris Hawk

Komori is our male Harris Hawk. Bred in captivity in Ontario, he was Emily's first bird, and is the star of the Hawk Walk and the 1-hour Falconry Experience. Komori loves long walks in the forest and cuddling with Emily (well, sometimes).

Keep watch when he is flying on your falconry session for his lucky white wing feather! 



Lanner Falcon

Piccolo is a lanner falcon and is the smallest member of our team. Despite a rough beginning, Emily has spent a long time establishing trust with this energetic little bird. Falcons are known for being high-strung, and Piccolo fits right in. He loves exercising and spending time in the sunshine!

Keep your eye on this fast little flyer as he demonstrates the hunting capabilities of falcons in many of our sessions!

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 12.50.47


Great Horned Owl

Whariki is the youngest member of our flying team! As an imprint, Whariki sees all humans as a source of food, and will loudly, and often, ask for someone to come feed him, even as he begins to fall asleep! Native to Northern Ontario, this little bird is comfortable in the cold and loves playing with snowballs.


He loves singing loudly for his supper so keep your ears open to hear his enthusiastic chatter!

faye 2.jpg


Harris Hawk

Faye is a very sweet, big girl who joined us in early 2022. Her previous falconer was unable to take her when they moved out of the country, so she joined us as one of our wildlife ambassadors! We have been working hard with her to earn her trust and introduce her to our demonstration team!

See the difference in size between a male and female hawk when you see her and Komori.



Tawny Owl

Rowan is the smallest member of our team who joined is in the Spring of 2023 after his previous falconer no longer wished to keep him. He is slowly learning to trust people and is meeting everyone through our Owl Experiences. He is very sweet and loves to sing his "Twit-twoo" song all night long! 

Watch for his amazing camouflage ability when you come for a visit!


Vinny and Bear

Canine Crew Members

Vinny and Bear are our two fabulous four legged team members who are trained in goose hazing and large bird control. They love to work and running to chase pesky birds is always a good time! Nap time and snacks are also favourites of these two pups!

It's not likely you'll see them on an experience, but they are working hard to keep geese, gulls and cranes away!




Sydney is our amazing volunteer at Talon and Bark Falconry. They join us periodically to help make our sessions run smoothly, help with photography and help keep our equipment in top form. We couldn't do everything we do without their help and we are so grateful to have them on the team!

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