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Talon and Bark Falconry
Pest Bird Abatement


Removal Through Free Flying Birds of Prey

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Talon and Bark offers a truly unique way of handling pest birds such as sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and more. We use trained birds of prey free flying over your fields to discourage nesting and feeding upon your crops. The ongoing predator presence makes your fields unsafe for pests so they move on to safer sites. We do not kill the pest birds through this process, so songbirds may continue to be enjoyed without damaging your crops! 

Berry farms, crop fields and orchards are favourite spots for these pest birds, and our raptors can easily patrol your fields with no damage to plant or property! This is an environmentally friendly, discrete service that is safe for crops, unlike netting, and more effective than air guns, ultimately increasing your annual yield and resulting in healthier plants!


Live trap and removal of pigeons

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Let us help to rid you of your pigeon problem! 

These birds nest in large flocks and often a concern around ventilation systems, city buildings, hospitals and more. A live trap is placed onto the roof near these nesting and feeding sites, and is baited for the pigeons. Any trapped pigeons are removed permanently from the premises. This can be used inside or outside of a building. We use an area where pigeons are seen commonly feeding that will not interrupt your daily business flow to set the traps.

This is a discrete, environmentally friendly service. 
Additionally any pigeon nests found are removed as well to strongly discourage the continued use of the building as a nesting site.

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