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Interactive Falconry Demonstration

A hands-on, interactive session that is a great option for clubs, camps and team building!

Interactive Falconry Demonstration

1.5 Hour Duration  •   Price Breakdown Below

Introduce a new level of fun to your club or camp activity schedule, and bring a unique flair to your work place team building evening! Watch and handle some amazing birds of prey and explore our hands-on educational table.

What to Expect

We can host you group at the farm's flying field, or we can bring the birds to you! We start with a flight demonstration and educational session with a couple of our birds. Learn some amazing facts about each of their species and how they fit into their wild habitats. After flying, everyone is split into small groups to explore our hands-on displays where you work together to guess how heavy a bird is, explore what an owl ate, feel a birds wing and more! One group at a time is invited to come up and have the chance to handle one of our birds of prey if they wish to hold a bird on their glove. 


Free flight displays may be available where it is safe to do so, but if it is unsafe to free fly, long line flights are available.

For indoor, winter interactive falconry demonstrations, we will hold the birds and bring them around the room for everyone to see our birds of prey up close and personal. 

Good things to know about our Interactive Falconry Demonstration

  • Interactive Falconry Demonstrations run 6 days a week, from Wednesday to Monday

  • Payment is due in advance for the Interactive Falconry Demonstration to reserve your date.

  • For very big groups of 15+ individuals, there is an additional fee as the time is increased to accommodate everyone. 

  • Our flight session generally runs 30 to 45 minutes, with the remaining time spent handling the birds and exploring our hands-on tables.

  • Safety of the area for free flying is evaluated on the day of the experience upon arrival. 

  • If the weather is very poor on the day of the outdoor interactive falconry demonstration, we will contact you to reschedule your session.

  • Please note, we have a booking and cancellation policy.

Interactive Falconry Demonstration

Offsite 1.5 Hour Demonstration

  • Groups up to 15 guests   $350 +kilometer fee*
    ($23.33 per person)

  •  + $115 for each addition of up to 5 guests
    (30 minutes added)

Onsite 1.5 Hour Presentation

  • Groups up to 15 guests   $350
    ($23.33 per person)

  •  + $115 for each addition of up to 5 guests
    ​(30 minutes added)

* kilometer fee of $0.65/km round trip (as recommended by Government of Canada mileage rates) is applied to offsite programs

Please contact us to inquire about booking your demonstration!

Thank you!

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