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Owl Experience

Learn all about owls with our masters of the twilight skies!

Owl Experience

1 Hour Duration  •   Adult (18+)  $55.00       Youth (13 - 17)  $30.00

This session is perfect for those who love owls and wish to learn more about these silent fliers. If you want to learn more about these amazing birds, the Owl Experience is for you! 

What to Expect

We start our session at our outdoor education station where you learn about the differences between owls and other birds of prey by looking at owl skeletons, feathers and how they fly, and break down pellets to see what the owl ate. After learning all about owls, you get to hold one of our hawks and our falcon during a meet and greet!


We then head to the flying field, where we start with a brief safety talk and show you how to call the bird to your glove. The owl is flown to and from the glove in our flying yard as we discuss the unique characteristics of owls that make them perfect silent ambush hunters! 



Good things to know about our Owl Experience

  • Owl experiences run 3 days a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

    • Seasonal availability ​from May to November.

  • Payment is due in advance for the Owl experience to reserve your date.

  • Maximum group size of 4 individuals at this time.

  • Kids must be ages 13+ to handle and fly our Great Horned Owl.

  • Photos and questions are welcome through the entire session.

  • Spectators are welcome at an additional fee of $15 per person and are included in the session limit. 

  • Private programs for only 1 participant will have an additional $20 cost. Spectators do not apply to the participant total.

  • Due to their outdoor nature, our experiences are weather dependent. We will contact you in the evening prior to your experience day to notify you of the possibility of rescheduling to your back-up date. 

  • Wear clothing suitable to the weather on the day of your experience as we are outdoors. Bug spray and sunscreen are highly recommended through the summer months.

  • Please note, we have a booking and cancellation policy.

Book Your Owl Experience

Please see the calendar below this form for available dates and times

Preferred Payment Option

** Invoice sent by email with PayPal. No PayPal account required. Regretfully, a 3% administration fee applies to credit card option.

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