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Wedding Receptions

Let us bring some magic to your wedding reception and photos with our birds of prey!

Wedding Receptions

1.5 Hours
+ $50.00 for additional 30 minutes                 + $50.00 for Wedding Photo Session

Let us entertain your guests through the reception with our birds of prey with handling opportunities and chances to learn some fun and amazing facts! Add a unique flair to your wedding photos with one of our birds of prey! 


What to Expect

We join your wedding party through the reception and bring along three to four of our birds of prey. Each of our birds are perched out and your guests have the opportunity to hold and get their photos taken with a bird of prey! We provide fun and interesting facts about each of the birds so your guests will leave with amazing memories and learn something new! 

If you are looking for a unique way to get amazing wedding photos, consider having one of our birds of prey join you for your photography session! One or two of our birds can pose with the bride and groom to make your wedding photos one of a kind! 


Good things to know about our Wedding Reception Experience

  • Wedding Reception Experiences run 7 days a week all year with alterations. 

  • Payment is due in advance for the Wedding Reception Experience to reserve your date.

  • Kids must be ages 10+ to handle and fly a bird of prey.

  • Photos and questions are welcome through the entire session.

  • For outdoor receptions, we bring along a tent to keep the birds shaded and cool. We can also bring the birds inside if the weather is poor as long as the wedding venue allows the live animals in their venue buildings.

  • Kilometer fee of $0.65/km round trip (as recommended by Government of Canada mileage rates) is applied

  • Please note, we have a booking and cancellation policy.

Please contact us with details to book your wedding reception experience with our birds of prey! 

Thank you!

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